Hemimandibular OrthoTiN implant

Materials Make a Significant Difference in Surgical Outcomes

Not all materials are equal when it comes to surgical devices and implants. Modern structural medical devices such as total joint implants and fracture fixation systems have demonstrated the advantages of Titanium Alloy as the material of choice with Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) as a second choice. Nevertheless, articulating implant surfaces are still made from CoCr since Titanium has relatively poor wear characteristics.

Our principals have been active in the orthopedics industry for almost 30 years and have been pioneers in the evolution of material technologies, design, and high-performance joint replacements. An integral part of our work has been the development of Titanium Nitride (TiN) ceramic coating technology for articulating surfaces of titanium alloy implants, which is not just equivalent but surpasses the “acceptable” wear characteristics of CoCr.

The resulting material system is now far superior to the “common materials” systems since it uses Titanium alloy (the material of choice) that is coated with a ceramic (articulating surface material of choice).

The TiN coating eliminates the only performance issue of Titanium alloys, low wear performance, by forming a ceramic surface that is three times harder than CoCr. The advantages don’t end there; TiN offers a low coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, and good metal ion isolation, reducing the possibility of systemic/allergic responses.

Learn more about sensitivity and allergies to metal implants in our FAQs: https://orthotin.com/en/resources/for-patients-faq

With solid titanium alloy at the heart of our products, we know that at their core they will perform as designed. We utilize material technology and manufacturing advancements such as thin-film ceramic coatings and fully integrated CAD/CAM systems to design, manufacture, and deliver implants of the highest quality and expected performance.

We’re always on the lookout for truly impactful new technologies and continuous improvement that can further enhance our products. We love to see new trails blazed in orthopedics because we’re passionate about improving people’s lives. It’s our goal to help surgeons improve patient outcomes and quality of life by creating implants and devices that hit the mark the first time and require minimal if any follow-up maintenance to do their job for many years to come.

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